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Oral Health Toolkit logoThe Oral Health Toolkit features a variety of educational and access to dental care program examples that have been implemented by organizations that serve older adults. All materials are available for your organization to launch new programs that promote improved oral health.

New Issue Brief – Diabetes Mellitus and Oral Health: Ignoring the Evidence May be a Costly Mistake



TWButtonOral Health America is proud to announce the launch of a new national web resource for older adults and their caregivers. Check out the Washington page!
Results of Washington’s First Oral Health Survey for Older Adults

In 2012, Washington Dental Service Foundation surveyed 4,400 Washingtonians 55 and older and learned:

  • 1 in 5 currently have a dental issue that needs to be addressed within the next month
  • Nearly 24 percent of seniors with an annual income under $25,000 have not seen a dentist in five years or more
  • About 70 percent saw a dentist or dental hygienist within the past year
  • Nearly 50 percent of adults ages 65-74 have dental insurance. However, coverage drops to 36 percent for people 75 and older

The survey will be repeated in 2017. For more information.