Your Tools

As an oral health champion and a motivator of new champions, you play a significant role in increasing awareness about the importance of oral health for seniors in your community. Your knowledge and energy will inspire additional champions to join the cause.

Always welcome opportunities to learn! The more you understand about oral health, the more you can help champion this cause and recruit others to do so.

The resources in this toolkit will serve as your “supply kit” when engaging with others about oral health. These resources will empower you to explain the connection between oral health and overall health, and the importance of dental care for seniors. They’ll also enable you to answer questions from staff, community partners, seniors, and others in your community.

Explore the resources included in the toolkit:

How you can contribute

Contribute your Organization’s Project Examples and Resources
If your organization has implemented an oral health program or service, share your efforts and learnings with others. Download the Project Example Template to capture your story. You don’t have to follow the template exactly; it’s there for your guidance and to suggest key points to capture and share. When you’re done, email it to Karen Lewis at Thanks!