Achieving Success

There will be challenges to developing and sustaining champions, as advocating for services and programs for low-income individuals can be difficult. It may be hard to find dental providers who have the time and ability to provide services for free or at a reduced fee, or providers who accept Medicaid. You may hear “no” many times before you get a “yes.” Champions will need to be creative and flexible.

It may also be challenging to continuously keep the need to integrate oral health at the forefront, and not letting it be pushed aside by other priorities. You may find it helpful to create a written plan, detailing the specific activities you want to implement as a way to maintain your focus. Your champions will be primed for success with a written plan that includes key milestones and timelines, demonstrating your organization’s commitment.

You can gain support and help address challenges by brainstorming as a team and reaching out to colleagues like the Washington Dental Service Foundation.