Note to Organization Leaders

Incorporating oral health enriched our core programs and has helped our social workers, case managers, information specialists, and nurses do what they do best—share information, teach, and coach for improved life outcomes for the people we serve.
Lori Brown, Director, Southeast Washington Aging & Long Term Care

As an organization leader, your endorsement is critical to the success of this effort. Your staff can improve the health and lives of seniors by increasing oral health awareness, education, and access to care in your organization’s programs and services. This toolkit provides practical activities designed to easily integrate into a variety of programs and services. By encouraging and empowering staff to use this toolkit, you can make a significant difference in the oral health of the seniors you serve.

A key element of success is fostering oral health champions within your organization and community. These champions will lead the charge to integrate oral health into programs and services in new and creative ways.

We hope you and your staff find this toolkit helpful. We welcome your ideas to expand it!